Boating, Nature

Discover a nautical story with motivational overtones

A humorous look at one woman's experiences cruising the Canadian waterways.

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Lessons on Living

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  My heart sank. Broken props meant trouble. They were becoming our Nemesis. At the end of a holiday weekend in French territory, with unknown mechanical capabilities, we were in for big trouble.

Being an integral part of nature had become a compulsive way of life.

Once clear of the locks, a steady, potent, high speed cut through the rushing water was essential to avoid smashing into land, sea wall or rocks.

The wooden vessel had a hole in her side. She was intentionally run aground. Even though she was just a work boat she still remains in the same spot where Americans and Canadians alike continue to enjoy discovery among the Thousand Islands.

Seventy-two miles to Port Severn lay ahead. They would be some of the most fascinating but tedious of any of Spirited's odysseys.

On our calmer days just being alive, feeling no compelling forces - this was the true reward of living aboard Spirited.
  All manner of obstacles were out there waiting for us. Success and confidence had to be the winners. Emotional instability and low-esteem had to be the losers, lest we believe that trouble would always be our keeper.
  The challenge posed by trouble seemed to be the suitor of serenity.

...About the aging process... it appears that most people lessen the number of obstacles in their paths. On Spirited we just kept adding them. This era of my life had become an obsessive commitment far greater than anticipated, but unbelievably rewarding.