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Discover a nautical story with motivational overtones

A humorous look at one woman's experiences cruising the Canadian waterways.

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Prep For Boating

Using a metal, wood or plastic loop as a frame, a closed-bottom net can be woven in which to store vegetables, fruits and boat gear.

Even day boating requires a plan. Going on an extended trip however, requires more than an ordinary plan. It requires meticulous lists and preparation to avoid lost time and confusion on the water. Belongings taken, other than those specific to meeting boating needs, are governed by crew members individual tastes, habits and interests. We need to be reminded constantly that we’re going to the boat with all its limitations and not to the splendor of the Waldorf Astoria. Pack the seabag with essentials. Leave the non-essentials behind. The season of the year, current weather predictions, cruise plan details and its duration are vital planning factors.

The boat’s configuration and space allocations set the parameters for items to be placed aboard. In Canada, clothing and bedding deemed necessary for spring and fall outings are adjusted for summer fun though extra blankets and sweats are always onboard. Hours on the water can be a cooling experience.

A mass exodus from the States to Canada forces one to deal with limited car space. Cruise control eases the 350 mile jaunt. Safe driver vision, boat and customs papers for your pet, reading materials, soft luggage, coolers, picnic lunches, a minimum of passenger-canine comforts and accessibility to both American and Canadian funds make the packing an art and the check list essential.

String bags are an asset for containing farm fresh fruits and vegetables. When hanging from the boat’s stern ladder they allow for circulating air keeping food edible for weeks. That garden richness is as important to our well-being as the boat keys and lines.

Emphasis is placed on having extra boat lines, especially for rental boats. Owners tend to supply rentals with inadequate quality or quantity of necessary rope. Anything from tow or dock lines to those used for lashing down boat equipment can be summoned at any given time for standard safety or emergencies. Have knowledge of basic boat knots to prevent your boat from floating downriver.


Whether the boat is proprietary or chartered, safety is our most important goal. Life jackets for all are a must. This rule while applying to people is equally important for our "human" pets. Mail Order catalogues are a source for pet-flotation gear.

Above all, be safe: whether it be through the use of appropriate shoes, life jackets, fire extinguishers, antibiotic creams for scratches, or applying soap, water and an ice pack after removing the stinger from results of the mad bee culprit. Please, ALWAYS MOVE IN SLOW MOTION to avoid unnecessary encounters and accidents while on a boat of any size.