Boating, Nature

Discover a nautical story with motivational overtones

A humorous look at one woman's experiences cruising the Canadian waterways.

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Your Challenge

Are you an adventurous person? I was not. Suddenly, however, a passion for living life on the waterways for weeks at a time hit me out of the blue. The motivation was compulsive. As all of the enticing elements pointed toward a new venture, fresh beginnings were demanded. Experiences, friends and appreciations changed. A powerful force made me change a conservative lifestyle.

For most of us our comfort zones are solidly set. Whether the new found love be grounded in nature, travel, boating, exercise - whatever - it takes a big, big push to engage changes to your life. The challenge is to accept, listen, feel, plan and move in the direction of that inexplicable force. That action alters the depth of one's values and life experiences.

Move with me, chapter by chapter, in the nonfiction book "Catch The Spirit"; letís see where it might take you!